the race is on

Sorry for the loooooong absence- I was swept away with summer but planning on a good return! : ) so what’s been happening????
I would like to chat about something very summery: The Galway Races in Galway, Ireland. This weekend long horse racing event is comparable to the Kentucky Derby and a time when the Irish really out do themselves not just with the Guinness. Similar to the derby, I love checking out the style as everyone is dressed to impress on the Ladies Day. None the less this year was beautiful and I thought I’d share some of my favorites.
And who said the Irish can’t dress??
The impeccable detailing and taste is inspiring. I want to run right out and pick up a hair piece. The look is so very romantic and charming. I think we need to start doing this more here in Chicago- who's with me??
Pictures from: The Galway Races


  1. i'm with you!


  2. One word 'BEAUTIFUL'
    I'm gealous, makes me want to go back to Galway.
    You're a Galwegian yourself !!

  3. Glad your Baaaaaaaccccccckkkkkk :-))