friend or foe?

Lace boots are all the rage this season. So with some research i've picked a few out that might not make us look like the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Don't they kind of remind you of that though?

I personally think the bootie (ankle) ones are less likely to be mistaken for you residing at Little House on the Prairie.

Not really a boot but this is my kind of lace up shoe the Tabitha Simmons Bertie Linen and Leather Courts....
Where to buy these puppies:
1. Gianvito Rossi
2. Mcdade Lace Front
3. Bionda Castana
4. Alexander McQueen
5. Brown Spotlight
6. Christian Louboutin



Have you tried Haagen-dazs Five??

Five simple ingredients in each pint and it's delicious! It really tastes homemade and light. Yum!
The other night, I made baked cinnamon apples (My mom's recipe) and
topped the apples with the Vanilla Bean.....oh it was heaven sent! You must try it!


all the leaves are brown

I know it's such a beautiful summer day but I am really digging this pump at nordies, Bourne "Kylie" Pump. Perfect for Fall!
ooooh with black knee highs and a chunky wool sweater!!
I've never heard of Bourne so I'll have to take a stroll over to Michigan Ave to have a peak...oh Reggie!

Collection picture from: fashion street sd


cake all day

my birthday


this and that

I am in the mood for shopping! It's seems like ages since I have bought something. I am trying to behave with my Thailand trip coming up but I couldn't help and peak at some Super Sweet Summer Sales!


light headed

Thanks Nancy for the Ban-do link! Very Glamorous:

After perusing Ban-do, I tripped and slipped into hair accessory frenzy! I feel like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl with bows, satin and feathers consuming my computer screen. It’s great that there seems to be a style and price for everyone. I tend to like head bands with bows and satin best as it leans more on the girly side of things- shocking, I know! : )

I am sporting a RED ribbon today to move the hair trend here on my island. Side note- during my frenzy I came across some really beautiful shots of brides in their hair pieces....just one 4 U:


the race is on

Sorry for the loooooong absence- I was swept away with summer but planning on a good return! : ) so what’s been happening????
I would like to chat about something very summery: The Galway Races in Galway, Ireland. This weekend long horse racing event is comparable to the Kentucky Derby and a time when the Irish really out do themselves not just with the Guinness. Similar to the derby, I love checking out the style as everyone is dressed to impress on the Ladies Day. None the less this year was beautiful and I thought I’d share some of my favorites.
And who said the Irish can’t dress??
The impeccable detailing and taste is inspiring. I want to run right out and pick up a hair piece. The look is so very romantic and charming. I think we need to start doing this more here in Chicago- who's with me??
Pictures from: The Galway Races


little white dress

Alice + Olivia dress with side pockets, cutout back & sequins! super hot! oh what you could do this dress?!?! : )

Of late I’ve been freakishly obsessing over sequins so wear your sunglasses as this blog is going to sparkle well really I've always had a taste for sequins hence my christians....


shoe lust

Just the Valentino Court Shoe...FAB!


bursting with color

This summer I want go Rainbow Bright on my desk with my favorite potter Jonathan Adler! So cheerful!

C'est très raisonnable! I am planning a store trip asap as it's been a awhile...

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flower power

Isn't this an awesome way to advertise!?! Not sure who the advert belongs to, as I couldn't read it from my cab at State St & Randolph St. Super Pretty and Creative on this beautiful spring day!  whoo Friday!


kitchen trimmings

I am having a fun time pursuing Utility Designs, a  British home company based out of Liverpool. I love that it's an independent place with funky choices and a WIDE price range. Hope to make it to the store someday, Go Everton! ; )
1. Egg Cups 2. Heart Spoon 3. Honey Pot 4. Slate Coasters 5.Toast Rack 6. Storage Jar


pre pixel posh

Remember before school started and you always wanted to coolest trapper, noteboooks, or folders? Imagine having these sweet folders and notebooks from OhJoy!

Maybe I could order a few folders for work as an office expense...my coolness level is about to be off the hook. : ) Do kids still use notebooks at school??