bursting with color

This summer I want go Rainbow Bright on my desk with my favorite potter Jonathan Adler! So cheerful!

C'est très raisonnable! I am planning a store trip asap as it's been a awhile...

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flower power

Isn't this an awesome way to advertise!?! Not sure who the advert belongs to, as I couldn't read it from my cab at State St & Randolph St. Super Pretty and Creative on this beautiful spring day!  whoo Friday!


kitchen trimmings

I am having a fun time pursuing Utility Designs, a  British home company based out of Liverpool. I love that it's an independent place with funky choices and a WIDE price range. Hope to make it to the store someday, Go Everton! ; )
1. Egg Cups 2. Heart Spoon 3. Honey Pot 4. Slate Coasters 5.Toast Rack 6. Storage Jar


pre pixel posh

Remember before school started and you always wanted to coolest trapper, noteboooks, or folders? Imagine having these sweet folders and notebooks from OhJoy!

Maybe I could order a few folders for work as an office expense...my coolness level is about to be off the hook. : ) Do kids still use notebooks at school??


love letter no.1

Dear TopShop,
I am so glad you opened a beautiful store in NY this past fall as it's allowed us to purchase your products with american dollars! I am fan of your collections, accessories and your reasonable prices.  Fingers crossed you'll open one in Chicago someday, we'd swear to be extra nice to you!
gingham, anyone?

sweet nothings

1. Scarf $40  2. Bikini $55 3. Stachel $60 4. Hat $40 5. Corset $60 6. Bra $32


dying for fashion

Being a bridesmaid this summer, I decided to begin my quest for a fashionable "dye-able shoe." (two words that never belong together) Thankfully the dyeable color is Fuchsia, a cute color to sport again. As most searches begin in my world, I headed to Google to investigate. The results page was full of freaky sites with the scariest shoes I've scene in a long time! I mean it! The shoes look so depressing, old fashioned, akin to wooden toys shoes & bad knockoffs.

After about an hour or so of unsatisfied results, I had a break through on Zappo's & My Glass Slipper! Finally and thankfully dyeables have made out with some of the fashion world (Kate, Stuart, Badgley) thus likely to be made in a country I know loves real leather and sex appeal: Italia! You have spend a little time surfing the sites but it's much better and totally worth it. Now I need help deciding:
If I could, I'd  throw these in my purse (yes they're dyeable too!) for after party when my feet are saying no more awesome dance moves auv....

LIKE but out of the budget this time:

super sad-these is not dyeable but adorable, no? Badgley Mischka

1. Kate Spade Lover $295  2. Something Bleu $220 3. Touch Ups $80 4. Kate Spade Christa $295 5. Kate Spade Flats $298 6. Giuseppe Zanotti $590 7. Stuart Weitzman $525 8. Badgley $215 9. Badgley $215