always look on the brightside of life

Like most of you I love the sunshine, it makes me want to have everything bright and cheerful!
Some brightness for your spring day.

The ultimate sunshine accessory, LEMONS!
Yellow @home, design ideas: I think the yellow with black & white looks super sharp!
Need more of romantic shot of yellow? I think these do the trick:

Don't you want to steel the tub with the claws?!??!? Super envious central happening here.
Also digging the Chandeliers in each room-just the right amount of glitter in a bathroom or bedroom.

Even the Oval Room at the White House dons Yellow (i'd love to have seen it when Jackie had it!) This shot is circa 1985.
Images: Betsey Johnson Watch , Juicy Couture Travel Bag , Hunter Boots , Jimmy Choo Clutch , Stitch and Boots Lemons, Country Living,  Apartment Therapy , Orange Coast Magazine , Architectural Digest


it's delightful, it's delicious, it's de-lovely

Spécialités de la Maison, published in 1940, is back in print and available for discovery.
This cookbook looks adorable and classy: bright hardcover, red & white cloth gingham case, various recipes from the likes of Dior, Mrs. Cole Porter, Katherine Hepburn, and it's affordable ($14)!
The only question I am pondering is: Will the recipes be uncomplicated and tasty so that a city girl could make them? However, I know deep down that whether the recipes are fabulous or not, this book is fashionable, there's a piece of Dior inside!


decorating my life

I am obsessing over ununually fine photography from NY, an old school sexy style of photography.
Max and Margaret, the fab photographers, are uber talented! I love their magic eye for the right amount of sexiness and glamour. pour yourself a glass of champagne and check out their portfolio.

Now I just need a reason to hire them....



Floral prints seem to be sprouting up everywhere from dresses to shower curtains to furniture! I am digging the dresses at the moment as I need to put my gray and black ensembles away for next winter and bust out the romantic bright floral dresses offered this season. I love that you can totally accessorize any of the dresses with a belt, a pair of flats, skyhigh heels, simple hair pieces, solid colored cardigans, or whatever else you've got in your closet! There are so many choices in various price ranges.

Let's commence with the gorgeous Super Splurge, Matthew Williamson

what actually ends up on the shopping list:

3. Mod Cloth $50         4. Karen Millen $299
PS I am head over heels with this floral chair by Matthew Williamson from Heart & Design:


spring has sprung

I just love this shot, it's so charming.


the british are coming

surprised and happy to see that Karen Millen is opening a store here in Chicago!
Proof shot taken @ 900 N Michigan Ave
I always liked heading to Seldfridges to see her collections when I lived in London and soon it will be here in my back yard. I am really looking forward to the opening. She tends to have edgy tailored sophisticated pieces which are perfect for day to evening wear. The prices can be on the expensive side but adding just one garment or accessory will totally enhance your wardrobe. Aren't the heels and jacket amazing? ooh lovely!

I need an opening date!

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a little french on your walls

The International Vintage Poster Fair rolls into town this weekend with over 10,000 pieces of art nouveau on display and for purchase. Admission is $15 Saturday & Sunday at the Chicago Cultural Center on Randolph. I like the bright colors these posters add to a room and their history especially with regard to France. My favorite, and probably the most famous French print maker/artist, is Toulouse-Lautrec . I love his black & white drawings the best:

More traditonal coloful poster art, Leonetto Cappiello:

Done well, I think these posters look fabulous! However, take it easy and choose wisely as they can be overbearing or over done. Adding the right colors and print size can make all the difference.

Bonne Chance!

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totally impractical

If only I could connect this typewriter to my laptop, I would use this all day everyday and look like something straight out of Mad Men. I'd make sure to wear my skirt just past the knee.

It would look great on a desk for use, or as an accent piece in your office. I'd need my mom to teach me how to use it too! : )



Very random that I found this image last night! My friends and I were just talking about using the keyboard keys instead of the mouse while using the computer.
Great card, very clever but I have no clue where to buy it?


river's green

Happy St. Patrick's Day Chicago!
My brother Philip, cousin Paul & brother Thomas
Galway City

I love this picture, Cheers!


come on barbie, let's go party

Shocking Pink Stilettos from Christian for the spring-It helps to look at these fabulous sparkling shoes when it's a grey day here in Chicago

super high but what fun! SPARKLE!!


please mister postman look & see

After recently receiving  some "save the date" cards and just ordering my bridesmaid dress for Jill's wedding in Houston this summer, I got to thinking about wedding greeting cards. I usually wait untill the last minute and end up stuck at some random 7-Eleven where I buy a rubbish card that says something generic like "Whoo!"  So I did a little digging and I was liking what I found so far...

Then I stumbled upon the Awesomely Hilarious Sew Dandee cards on the always lovely Etsy! The cards are so up my alley: handmade, perfect humor, cute designs, & for all occasions! I've placed my first order-i'll let you know how sweet they are. Enjoy some of my favorites:

MOTHER'S DAY