School Wardrobe Envy

I love Glee! Glee is such a fun and quirky show. Mind you there were a few moments in season 1 when it was bit juvenile and I thought to myself "why am I watching a high school drama show??" Then the next thing I knew I was sucked in by the songs, the dancing and the hilarious Ms. Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). So if you're skeptical click on the video...HILARIOUS!

On to the important bits: the Style
Two character's attires standout as my favorites: Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) & Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays). I love lots of pieces from their looks and thanks to both for reminding me that cardigans in bright colors can be so darn cute dressed up or while running earrands.

Rachel- Even myself as a blondie, I love her dark hair and dark look. Rachel's wardrobe is full of skirts, knee high socks, flats, and shirts with vests. A very preppy girly style...

Sometimes it gets a little on the punky bruster side of things but overall I like the look. I am really digging the belt with the dress and the knee highs with flats in a skirt for cool spring days. I especially like the gold flats with the black socks as I just purchased these Choos in Palm Beach. Pefecto!

Emma's look is a sweetheart style full of colors layered then a sudden hint of contrast, lots o'cardigans, embellished blouses and chunky jewelry. She's a bit quirky on the show and it suits her wardrobe.

Real Life Finds for these looks
For the spring I will certianly be rocking knee high stockings
On the Runway     &                                                                                      SJP
Where I plan to investigate my style envy:


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