espresso yourself

I was lunching at 676 Restaurant & Bar on Michigan Ave, located inside the Omni Hotel, when I noticed how much I really liked my coffee mug!  The restaurant is a really nice lunch spot with floor to ceiling windows and delicious items (I ate Margarita Flatbread with pesto, hand rolled mozzarella, grilled tomatoes, pine nuts, and a Blue & Black Salad...so yummy).
My cup & saucer
Now you might be wondering "what makes an Awesome coffee cup & saucer?" 
1. The handle is perfect for just about my whole hand
2. The rim is substantial & wide to let the coffee cool so I don't burn my tongue off
3. The cup is large enough so that my free hand has the option to "cup it" and it was thick so it doesn't burn too
4. The saucer angles up with that extra edge to support the spoon & the sugar
5. The style is modern & bright!

Looking underneath the saucer I discovered that the manufacture is Steelite- a hospitality provider...last time I checked theAuv doesn't count :(

So I am on a mission to find similar coffee mugs especially since I just purchased my first French Press from Bodum! I'll let you know how I get on with it...it should be interesting!  It is the green way to brew fresh coffee and I've heard such tasty reviews of the coffee that comes from a French press. Suggestions on mugs and coffee brands would be appreciated.


  1. bloomingdales has a pretty good selection!

  2. Thanks Nanc! I'll go check out bloomies and report back!

  3. Maybe check online
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    I'll put it on my Twitter
    Its such a clever blog!!

  4. Spoon to the right, under handle!!

  5. brian likes intelligentsia. enjoy!